Thursday, May 9, 2013

Airbus A320 family to use Dell Latitude laptops for electronic flight bags

Airbus A320 to use Dell Latitude laptops for some electronic flight bags

Airbus isn't putting all its eggs in one basket -- or rather, one bag. While it already has a suite of iPad cockpit apps to assist pilots, the aircraft maker is hedging its bet with a deal to use Dell Latitude laptops as electronic flight bags on the A320 family. Crews will get the Latitude E6330 installed as a Class-2 device that can link up with the A320's avionics; as you'd expect, the PCs will also ship with software for maps, manuals and weather. We've reached out to learn just which carriers are going this route, although possible expansion to other Airbus vehicles could make Dell a common sight at 36,000 feet.
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Source: Dell
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