Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bluetooth 4.0 support comes to the Nexus 4, might be headed to stock Android too

LG Nexus 4 with Bluetooth 40 support shows up on Bluetooth SIG

The five-month-old LG Nexus 4 just showed up on the Bluetooth SIG for a second inspection. The SIG's site appears to be down right now, but TechTastic took a screen grab which lists the revised handset as supporting Bluetooth 4.0. This is interesting, because up until now the Android Open Source Project hasn't supported the lower-power Bluetooth spec, meaning that the original Nexus 4 couldn't use it despite having the necessary hardware. Judging by the appearance of this SIG listing, Bluetooth 4.0 support for stock Android could be announced at I/O later today. Oh, and while we're on the subject of a potentially updated Nexus 4, there have been more sightings of a white version in Dubai (shown above). Ripe for another I/O giveaway?
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Source: TechTastic, TechView, The San Francisco Android User Group
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