Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Plex releases 3.0 overhaul for Android, 3.2 update for iOS

Plex releases 30 overhaul for Android, iOS 32 update with remote playback

Plex's Android app revamp has been brewing for awhile, but it's at last ready: the 3.0 app is out of beta and available for everyone. The remake provides a much more polished interface, PlexSync support and speedier access to large libraries. It's facing a rocky start, however. The initial 3.0 release required a myPlex account and didn't include a remote control widget, and those have only just been fixed with a quick follow-up patch. We wouldn't lean on earlier versions of Android, regardless of what features you like -- the interface rewrite cuts off support for OS releases before Android 3.2.

iOS users aren't left out of the upgrades. Version 3.2 isn't as dramatic a makeover, but it does offer tangible improvements over 3.1 that include the Android version's faster media access and fixes for conspicuous PlexSync bugs. Quick updaters even get a reward for their trouble: the 3.2 client lets the iOS app serve as a remote playback target for other Plex-equipped devices. Whichever platform you prefer, the app update (or a fresh $5 copy) is waiting at one of the source links.
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