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Thursday, June 6, 2013

NNG intros NavFusion, says it's bringing 'true smartphone integration' to cars

Nav N Go intros NavFusion, says it's bringing 'true smartphone integration' to cars

Smartphone integration in cars isn't exactly a novel affair in this day and age, even if it hasn't reached its full potential yet. NNG (formerly Nav N Go), for one, seems to think it could help improve this type of implementation, which is why it's introducing NavFusion. With the newly announced feature for its own infotainment systems, NNG says that it will be "merging the advantages of the reliable and deeply integrated in-vehicle navigation and the smartphone's personal nature, internet connection, and flexibility." To make this work properly, the company plans on offering apps for Android and iOS devices, allowing drivers to seamlessly link up their smartphone and be able to view a slew of info on the head unit -- things like contacts, maps, navigation history and planned routes. NavFusion will be part of the new iGo Navigation, and while it's still a work in progress, NNG's quick to point out that it's already lined up some undisclosed OEMs ahead of the expected launch in Q1 of next year.
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