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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Viber announces new desktop app, revamps Android and iOS versions

Viber announces new desktop app, revamps Android and iOS versions

Along with claiming more than 200 million users worldwide, Viber's also taking this day to announce what it is referring to as the biggest update to the service yet. For starters, the Viber for Android and iOS applications have both been on the receiving end of a pretty meaningful refresh, following the recent introduction of VoIP calling on older versions of BlackBerry OS. An all-new desktop app will, as of today, also be available to Viber users on a Mac or PC (Linux coming soon, we're told), packing in most of the features the service is well-known for but in a less-mobile form.

Folks using Viber's iOS and Android apps will see many changes to the overall user experience in version 3.0, including added support for video messages, a novel voice engine to help improve call quality, the ability to check contacts' online status and a completely redesigned interface. Meanwhile, the newly minted Viber Desktop features video calling and seamlessly integrates / syncs with the mobile offerings -- which makes things like being able to transfer ongoing voice calls between devices possible. While chatting with the company's CEO, Talmon Marco, he told us development for BlackBerry 10 is in its "advanced stages," adding that the latest Viber apps were built from the ground up and are all part of the goal to be better than other competing platforms.
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