Monday, June 24, 2013

Aio Wireless gains LTE support, intros the ZTE Overture to match

Aio Wireless joins the LTE crowd, intros the ZTE Overture to celebrate

Now that AT&T is willing to offer LTE on budget services like GoPhone, the floodgates are open: it just extended the faster cellular data to its Aio Wireless prepaid brand. An automatic update is rolling out that enables LTE on Aio customers' existing SIM cards when they're in one of the provider's coverage areas. To mark the occasion, the carrier is launching the ZTE Overture, a 4-inch phone packing LTE alongside a 4-inch display, Jelly Bean, a 5MP rear camera and an unspecified front shooter. Aio hasn't divulged pricing for the Overture, but we wouldn't expect a large outlay when the handset ships within the next month.
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Source: Aio Wireless
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